14 Tips On Reading Form When Betting On Horses

Tips On Form Reading When Betting On Horses

The following article is a result of years of study, research and punting experience. Take heed and these tips will immediately improve your bottom line if put into practice when betting on horses!

Betting On Horses

1. Proven class is always worth more than potential class. All other things being equal prefer the horse that has already proven itself in the class of today’s race.

2. Don’t underestimate the importance of form consistency. Regardless of their last start performance; be wary of horses that have a habit of mixing their form from run to run. Consistency is very important when betting on horses.

3. Race pace has a major influence on the ability of a horse to carry weight over a given distance. A horse will be at a significant disadvantage if asked to carry more weight over more distance in a race with faster early pace.

4. Never discount the clear victories one horse has had over another in their previous runs.

5. Unless there were “significant” excuses for the defeat and / or you expect the horse to notably improve under the new race conditions, it is most likely to be defeated again.

6. Don’t be deceived by the “one-off” rating in a horse’s previous form that indicates it should easily beat today’s opposition. Unless the horse is young, on the way up and has already demonstrated some special talent the rating is likely to be an aberration. Your bankroll will be in much better shape if you base your assessment on ratings more consistent with the horse’s overall record and your horse betting book will be better for it.

7. Knowledge of a horse’s ability or potential to compete at different class levels is the basis of effective form analysis. Always start your analysis of each horse with an assessment of its class relative to the race under consideration.

8. If you aspire to make consistent profits from racing a detailed knowledge of individual horses is essential. Spend time noting the characteristics and ability of individual horses in different conditions and you will be well rewarded.

9. Pay particular attention to how a horse finished off the final 50m of its race before betting on it. A simple note of whether the horse was making, losing or holding ground during this period can prove vital when assessing its form in a future race.

10. The judgement and skill of a jockey is frequently the difference between winning and losing a race, especially on get-back runners, biased tracks and horses drawn wide. Steer clear of poor and inexperienced jockeys on horses facing these difficult conditions and you will avoid many losing bets.

11. Pay particular attention to young, lightly raced horses that win with something in reserve when betting on horses. Quiet often they can continue to step up in class and string together a few more wins before they reach their class and weight peak.

12. Proven ability in wet going is vital when betting on horses. Horses that have yet to start on slow or heavy tracks represent high risk, regardless of how good other aspects of their form might be. Your bankroll will be much better off if you avoid them as betting propositions.

13. Making an income from racing is about playing the odds and taking advantage of profitable opportunities when they arise. Have the discipline to ignore favoured runners that represent poor value and courage to support others that represent higher value and you will drastically improve your bottom line.

14. When examining the potential disadvantages a horse must overcome to win a race, always consider its class relative to the class of opposition. Horses that have a class edge will often overcome difficulties to still go on and win. However horses that are racing at their class peak will most often only win when everything is in their favour

We hope these tips help you when reading form and betting on horses.

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