Four Mistakes to Avoid as a Pro Punter

If you’re new to gambling, or even if you’re not, there are a few fundamental mistakes that new punters make when they’re betting to earn a living. Below, we’ve take the four most common mistakes made by people when they’re betting and what you can do to combat making those crucial mistakes.

Gambling MistakesOur Common Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Not Having a Set Betting Bank in Place

When it comes to betting, the problem a lot of ‘gamblers’ have is that they don’t know when to stop and the reason for this is the fact that they don’t have a set betting bank in place. You need to know exactly what your weekly/monthly/yearly limits are. Are you limited to £50 a week, or £250 a month or £1000 a year. What is your betting bank limit?

Once you have a limit, you then need to learn to stick to it. You mustn’t start putting in the odd extra £10, or an small ‘fiver’ to catch up. NO! You must set your bank and then you must stick to this as your bank.

Not Using a Staking Plan or Using a Staking Plan EFFECTIVELY

Having a Staking Plan when betting is like a business having a budget. It is a way of managing your money effectively to ensure you see a decent return on your bets and to ensure you don’t throw your betting bank away like that.

A Staking Plan is a great way to ensure you squeeze as many bets out of your bank as possible. It’s also a way of maximising your profits and reducing your losses. Staking Plans are all about money management so make sure you are following a staking plan.

If you’re struggling to find an effective Staking Plan for your particular system, then check out the Staking Plans website which lists a range of Staking Plans that can be used on a variety of sports and casino games.

Chasing Losses to Improve your Profit or Loss

So you’re down £10, £100, £500 for the day and you’ve finished your system for the day but you see a horse that you are CONVINCED will win, so you bet and you lose again so you hunt for another horse to try and win back the loss and you lose yet again and you keep repeating… Chasing your losses!

Don’t do it. Simple! If you have a system then stick to it and when you have to stop, stop, and when you have to bet, bet!

Trying a Different Method out on a Weekly Basis

You need to find a system you are happy with and then stick to using it. Don’t try one system for a few days, realise it’s not making money and then move onto another system and keep repeating. A system can take MONTHS to test so stick with it. If you’re worried about losing your money then paper trade initially until you are happy with the system.

There are people who will try the lay the draw system and then jump completely to a horse racing or tennis betting system. You need to keep yourself focused!

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There you have it, our four top mistakes made by punters… All of which you should work on avoiding!

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