Three Staking Plans to NOT Avoid

As you may have read already, we’ve told you about the three staking plans to avoid (read it here) but now we are going to look at three staking plans that you should NOT avoid. These are brilliant staking plans that can really help you to maximise your profit and are a great way to help manage your betting bank.

Of course, some of them won’t be relevant to you, it depends on the type of betting you do but these will work with most backing bets and most sports:

Staking PlansStaking Plan #1 – The Percentage Plan

HUGE FANS! We are big fans of the Percentage Plan because it runs in line with whatever your bank is. When your bank is increasing, your stakes are increasing and when your bank is decreasing, your stakes follow suit! So how does the Percentage Plan work exactly?

Well you set a % value and then you use this % for your stake. So, for example, if your % was 2.5% and your bank was £150 then your first bet would be £3.75 – Then if you won and let’s say you made a profit of £12.55, then your new bank would be £162.55 – You would then work out 2.5% of this new bank so your next bet would be £4.06 and so on.

Some people choose to work out the % at the beginning and then not change this with their bank, so in our example, we would just keep betting with £3.75 but we prefer to alter the stakes in relation to the bank.

Staking Plan #2 – The Square Root Plan

This takes part of the percentage plan and then applies a slight twist on it. So take your bank, decide on a percentage and then work that percentage of your bank out. So a bank of £200 with a 2% percentage would a see stake value of £4.00.

Now if you lose, you bet £4.00 again and keep doing so until you win. When you win, you take your profit and find the square root of it and add it to your stake. To make life easy, let’s say you profit £4.00, then you would find the square root of the £4.00 (which is two) and then add this to the £4.00 so your next stake would be £6.00 and you would then continue to use this as your stake.

What we love about this staking plan is that you only increase your stakes when you make a profit and not when you’re hitting losses.

Staking Plan #3 – The Fixed Liability Plan

This is a vital staking method to know if you’re into lay betting. As you are well away, lay betting has a lot of risk attached to it – Mainly that a £10 stake could risk £10, £100 or even £500 all depending on the odds. That is why working to fixed liabilities is a GREAT idea. This way, you could place a lay bet on a 5.0 horse or a 50.0 horse yet still risk the same amount.

To work it out, you will need to use the following formula:

Fixed Liability / (Odds – 1) = The Stake 

So if you were to take your fixed liability as 5% of your bank (so you can lose 20 bets) and your bank was £500, then your fixed liability would be £25. Then let’s say the odds of the horse you wanted to lay were 7.25. You would put that into the formula so…

£25 / (7.25 – 1) = £4

So in this case, you would lay the horse for £4, knowing you were risking your fixed liability of £25. Then as your bank increases you can increase your fixed liability and as it decreases you can drop your fixed liability.

So there you have our 3 favourite staking plans that you should certainly take notice of when it comes to your betting.

You can find lots more info about staking plans at

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